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It is amazing how much

It is amazing how much todays reading relates directly to what I am attempting to study for my experiment in tacit knowledge -- in fact, it is almost exactly what I am doing, plus a bit more.

For my project, I wanted to look into the way we are able to come up with complex words, sentence structures, sounds, etc, to express ideas that come to mind and to communicate those ideas in a way that another people would understand. I am observing conversations and taking note of the length of statements, the pauses between and within the responses in which a person can come up with a sentence directly relating to the first statement. I also want to interview some none native english speakers and see if they think in one language, then have to consciously translate into english when speaking aloud... I have always found it facinating that we are able to express thoughts so quickly, seemingly without much prior thought to exactly how we are going to form our sentences or which words we are going to use -- like we say something without even knowing we are going to say it, but then it comes out just right, like the unconscious flowing directly into words, only becoming consicous once spoken aloud. This reading was...well, perfect for my research. I thought it was incredibly interesting, as it explored many of the questions I have often wondered about and am now trying to investigate with my project .



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