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Class this week was

Class this week was interesting because it made me think of molecules and atoms in relation to my life. The one thing that I found especially interesting was the when we discussed the 3-D shapes of atoms in relation to diversity. I had never really realized that two things could be made out of the same atoms, yet end up being completely different depending on the order of their assembly. It is intruiging to think that thephysical differences of two things are possibly the result of just one small difference in their biological assembly. This makes me wonder how much variation can their can actually be between different forms of life. 

I feel like I have been getting a lot out of the lab portion of this class. Lab can sometimes be very frustrating because we are left on our own to come up with procedures and explanations but this is great because we aren't told to look up the answers in a text book. I like that we have to try and create our own stories, and I like that we often come up with a variety of ideas that conflict and we often leave lab feeling a little bit stumped. Its nice to know that we worked towards finding some sort of answer by creating our own story rather than just mindlessly repeating what we have read or been told by others.  


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