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The effect of different activites on Heart Rate

Kaitlin Cough, Elizabeth Harnett

We first thought of different activities that would effect our heart rate, and we came up with: Jumping Jacks, Sitting down, Lying down on the table, talking, listening to classical music, holding our breath and watching something funny on Youtube. We decided that each of us would do one minute trial for each type of actitivity. First we measured our resting heart rate so that we could compare it to the other activities.

Kaitlin's resting heart rate: between 68 and 75 (heart rate), 0-25 (pressure)

Elizabeth' resting heart rate: around 80 (heart rate), 0-20 (pressure)

We had some ideas about heart rate before we started the lab. First, we believed that the fluctuation of the alititude was directly correlated to the heart rate: the higher the heart rate, the higher the altitude of the wave. We thought that every pump of the heart made the graph go up (the dialostic pressure). We also noticed with the resting heart rate that when you take a deep breath your heart rate shoots up as does the pressure because of the influx of oxygen.

Here are some of our trials:

Lying on table for one minute:

Kaitlin: 60-70 (heart rate), 0-15 (pressure)

Elizabeth: 70 (heart rate) 0-5 (pressure)

Talking to each other for one minute:

Kaitlin: When talking normally between 70-80 heart rate, 0-20 pressure

Elizabeth: 70-80 for the steady heart rate, but was also erratic; heart rate directly correlated to subject, Pressure: average between 0-25; dips from -50-25


Found that depending on subjects we were talking about (crew! devils!) heart rate drops dramatically (20 beats)

Directly correlated between pressure and heart rate

Perhaps related to diastolic/systolic pressure buildup/release?

Listening to Classical Music for one minute:

Kaitlin: 65 heart rate, with really low periods and some jumps, 0-5 pressure

Elizabeth: 80 heart rate, pretty balanced, 0-25 pressure

Holding Breath for one minute (or tried to):

Kaitlin: heart rate fluctuates from 0 to 400, on average around, pressure went up to around 200 when heart rate was high, went heart rate was 0 pressure was -10 to 25

Elizabeth: heart rate was very steady, around 100BPM, while pressure was also steady: around 11.4

RETRY: Kaitlin, still erratic but balanced a little more around 100, pressure -5-20

Watching something funny on Youtube for one minute:

Elizabeth: very erratic, no real average, up with laughs? Pressure -50 to 25

Kaitlin: when not laughing very low, 20 BPM, but when laughing goes all the way up to 1000?

Jumping Jacks (Jumping Jacks for a minute, record for a minute):

Elizabeth: in spurts of very high and very low, from 20-140BPM, starts to level off a bit toward the end; Pressure very high at first, begins to level off to -20-15

Kaitlin: spurts as well, 20-150 BPM, pressure very erratic -50-100

We found out that your heart rate directly effects your pressure, physical and stressful activities make your heart rate and pressure go up, whereas more relaxing things such as sitting and resting keep your heart rate down.

Our idea: We think that each wave is a beat, so when you take a breath your heart beat is faster and that's what makes the wave fluctuate.


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