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on heart rate.

Vivian Cruz, Saskia Guerrier, Eurie Kim

For this lab, we explored what affected heart rate. We first got the resting heart rate and compared that to the effects of eating candy and listening to music or watching scary movie trailers.

Resting. 70-80 BPM
Scary movie + Candy. 63-90 BPM

Resting. 60-70 BPM
Candy. 69-92 BPM
Music (Foreign). 57-81 BPM
Music (English). 64-100 BPM
Scary movie. 37-100(+) BPM

Resting. 80-90 BPM
Candy. 90s BPM
Music. 76-89 BPM

Our Story
From looking at the different observations, our resting heart rates had a wavy pattern that could have corresponded to our breathing patterns. These patterns were affected by chemical, physical, and emotional stimulation. For instance, the physical process of eating generally steadied the wavy pattern, but the sugar in the candy highered the heart rate. Music also generally heightened the heart rate as well; maybe because our senses were at work and we were feeling the beat. The scary movie clips drastically made the heart rate fluctuate probably because of the shock factor and of breath-holding from anticipation and fright.


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