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What is a conversation?

The Title of this forum is called Continuing Conversations...
I am curious as to the definition of 'conversation' that
is being imposed here.
It seems that the definition (at least in practice) is something like this; the exchange of individual opinion without formal testing or critical analysis.
Websters defines 'Conversation' as; an informal talking together
Yep... that must be it...
Just about any chatroom contains 3rd level propositions such as the ones advocated here. I thought that this forum (being the product of an 'institution of higher learning') might promote discussions more... 'serious' in nature.
I was appearently mistaken...
I think this... you think that... so and so thinks another...
All opinions are equal under the rule of the popular philosophy of pluralism.
If all views are equal... then what about the view... that all views are equal?
Why is that view imposed and elevated above all others?
Will someone at this fine institution explain the answer to these questions to me with sophisticated posturing, or am I to be left in my ignorant and simple ways unenlightened and lost forever?


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