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My point of view

Hello , i'm french so please forgive my english , but i find this forum and it's very interesting !.
So i want to reply about this sentence : "He more or less said that he was disgusted at the conception of a God who would condemn us for the way He made us" .

God made us with free will. god wants us to love him because he is god , our father not by forcing us.

So the real point is about the free will : God condemn our mistakes and bad choices not the way he made us.

Real love can't be forced, we would be like robots if god had not given us free will. So, because we have free will we can do very bad things, very terrible choices, acting like monsters too.

So, god condemns sins , and the basement of the sin is to choose to live without god. But if you are honest, you can't just take a part of the bible, you have to take all the bible so you can read that the forgiveness about sins is given by god in his son : Jesus Christ at the cross. read Isaiah chapter 53 and John chapter 3 verse 16.

What say you?

PS: how can i register to that forum and make some bold letters and html stuff ?


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