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Subspace; tying Genesis to modern physics

I have a developed a different model of an elementary particle than the current quark particle model. This model is using spinning subspaces. I am giving away downloads of the two books I developed describing this model at . Subspaces are concentrated spaces that are larger on the inside than they are on the outside. Our space exists between and because of these subspaces. Gravity, ElectricMagnetic interactions exists through the subspaces. But there’s more. Life actually exists within the subspace. The awareness has to do with infinite speed light traveling an infinite distance within the subspace. We can't see this from our flatten view of space. We only see the speed of light.
There is more within these books. The ordering that is contained within our bodies is explained here. And if you want to see a case for life after death, that’s here too.
See how the 7 days of Genesis is an exact description on how the universe exists. See something entirely different. Write to me at


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