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I really did not enjoy this reading. I know that initially the stories Darwin told the world were similar to the stories of skyhooks and cranes, but I think we don't revise much of it further because it remains a thorough and factual explanation of how the species of this earth came to be. Is anything impossible? I don't think so, nothing really is finite and there is possibility in everything past and present and I think Dennett offered a lot of words (rather confusing words at that) that held little basis is anything other than his own far fetched ideas about what may have been/may be. Philosophy and science go hand in hand but sometimes it is necessary for the good of science and the facts the support our understanding of life to quit philosophizing and acknowledge what is clearly fact. The story of evolution is debatable I know, and because we've decided everything is a story we can't completely discount Dennett's ideas but I found him wholly frustrating and was not convinced by his arguements.


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