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Throw some steel together and you will never make a watch...

"This book, then, is for those who agree that the only meaning of life worth caring about is one that can withstand our best efforts to examine it. Others are advised to close the book now and tiptoe away..." Tempting, I had to admit, since I did find some parts of this reading quite dull, but since I did not argue with his reasoning on determining the "meaning of life," I decided to stick around. I found that I really agreed with Dennett when he said that he would give an award to Darwin for having a "dangerous idea." What makes Darwin's 'theory' all the more fascinating is the "remarkably hot-tempered controversy" surrounding it. I found the section where he talks about the idea that "scientific matters are usually distorted by fears that the "wrong" answer would have intolerable moral implications" VERY fascinating, seeing as we had just earlier discussed our own beliefs when it came to voicing our opinions and what concequences they might have on other people listening to us. I also did a little research on this 'John Locke' fellow and I found his way of of describing the self through a continuity of "conciousness" very interesting.

PS Does anyone else watch "Lost"? Very, very amusing...


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