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Dear YJ,

Is Susan Stryker the only openly transgender individual you have met because she has gone through a physical transformation? I am not sure if you know about the difference between transsexual and transgender, but maybe you meant transsexual.

I have been openly identified as transgender since the beginning of class. Students, as well as Anne have been refering to me as Alexander since day one. Not that I seek special attention, but it was hard for me to read your post as it takes courage to come out as trans, and I felt maybe shamed, or forgotten, or maybe you didn't know, which is fair. Gender presentation often dictates a lot about a person's identity, however, we are too often limited by the confines of our bodies. At least, that's how I feel. I still have breasts, hopefully they will be gone in February. My body is deceiving, my lack of facial hair is deceiving.


I went to Smith college on tour with the Night Owls, I asked one of the students if they could point me in the direction of the restroom. That student asked me if there was any gender specific restroom I was looking for. The point of my anecdote is that Smith College is going to graduate 2500 students who will ask that question. Gender is not something that should be assumed, especially at women's colleges.


thanks for listening



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