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From my corner of the room, it is remarkable to me that Anne left the decision to construct half of the syllabus in the hands of undergrads. It's much more like the experience of grad school (or real life) where you are expected to take the initiative in finding out what there is to read, to learn, to understand. After graduation as an undergrad, noone is going to tell you what to read! There is no roadmap; there is no syllabus; there is no authority other than yourself.

Part of why I say this is looking backwards to Bryn Mawr of 25 years ago, and part of it is looking to the 
present and future of this class. Looking back, there was no WAY that a professor would give her 
students that much control of a class. Looking forward, perhaps the undergrads need to get 
together to talk? Two of you were unhappy with the outcome, but I didn't hear it during the time 
you were talking together and trying to decide the readings. Do you need to talk about that more in person? 

I hope that you'll also take this as a challenge to yourselves to write the contemporary, radical paper 
you want someone else to have written.

Ann '83 


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