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I am having a difficult time working with the idea that there is no “truth”. The story of evolution as presented to me by Mayr still feels like the process is leading somewhere, towards something better. This teleological view is rejected adamantly, but I can’t help but see that as we evolve we are getting better, “getting it less wrong”. Survival of the fittest ensures that those organisms that are the most suited to their environment will survive. Evolution, in getting it less wrong, must be leading somewhere more right. I have a feeling that this stems from my inability to really comprehend the infinite “nature” of the universe, time and space. Whatever the cause, I remain unconvinced.

I have also been thinking about de-evolution and how humans with all of their medical technology are living longer lives. This evolution of thought and ideas is really amazing and allows us to drive cars and perform complex surgeries. It also though has led to global warming which could be the cause of our extinction. Human logic is what separates us from other animals. We have locked other animals up or caused their extinction, and these seemingly wonderful technologies are actually leading to our demise. I am not beyond having faith that we may step forward again and develop more sustainable technologies, but it seems as though the past two hundred years have been a horribly failing experiment that no one wants to pull the plug on.

Danielle Joseph


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