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In my smaller group on Thursday, with Professor Dalke, we discussed Mayr and the concept of scientific stories.  We discussed the usefulness of a scientific story needing a reader to interpret it.  I think that there is the necessity for the story interpretted, and, at the same time, I feel like we're going to interpret the story probably differently that intended, had there been an intention, just because we all think and observe so differently.  I like the idea of there being no right- no absolute truth.  If we know we'll never be right, and by default, always be wrong, to one degree or another, it seems it makes guessing- venturing out- less intimidating.  In our society, we aim to be "right".  More often than not, we're given quizzes asking about characters, or facts, or equations, with a right and wrong answer.  We study and memorize to prove to others, but more, ourselves, that we're capable.  By there not being a right answer, or a right answer we'll be able to attain, the emphasis is less on memorizing or learning a specific way, but more on seeing what our own brains and observing capabilties can offer.  Applying this to Mayr's story of evolution, I like the ideas behind the story, and I like that there are things we can see, if we choose, to make the story more credible.  I don't like the authoritive tone the book is set in, and I don't like being told that this is right and that we're finally being told the truth.  To me, it seems that if someone needs to say that- to state it, so explicitly, then there must be some sufficient doubt about truth- maybe just the concept, but it seems interesting that Mayr's needs to state that his story is the right story so strongly.  Maybe he's just trying to recruit people to believe his story, and feels that this confidence is the way to do so... either way, I'd rather have the story presented to me, with no forceful opinion, letting me make up my mind.  I think, because of how little we know about the world, the universe, we can't say that this is the "right" story or this is how it definitely happened. The best we can say is this is what we're thinking now.. the story as we have it up until now.   


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