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Well first off, go Abby for

Well first off, go Abby for your Ani reference! From one Ani feminist to was very much appreciated! (if you do not identify as a feminist, I want to apologize in advance!)

Secondly, I agree with Kat Wheeler! The female body is too often forgotten, misrepresented and/or taken advantage of. For me, this ties in so well with previous discussions of understanding how the body shifts from context to context, or rather from foreground to background. This is partically why I was up in arms when I read and heard about Spivak's Jane Eyre compared to how I first learned of the story and saw it in a film with Orson Wells and Joan Fontain.

It was interesting (in the ironic kind of way) and terrible how the idea that Birtha was a crazy woman of color was so differently represented in a visual from the film. This also reflects on the contexts and mediums from which we are able to express ourselves. Why was Bronte able to expose Birtha in writing as a woman of color, but she is not able to be visually represented in the same way? Do some mediums of expression have more agency than others? Or is it always a question of context?

Like Kat, it sort of makes you question the hegemonic influences we buy into even now.


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