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We’re starting to get into

We’re starting to get into a realm of science that fascinates and overwhelms me—astronomy, quantum physics, string theory, distance being measured in time—it’s all amazing and at the same time gives me a headache. It’s also amazing that the table I’m sitting at right now is in constant motion, as is the chair, etc. etc. and that all the while the world is spinning. And I can’t feel any of it. Phenomenal. But if absolutely everything around me is in motion, HOW can I feel nothing? I feel like I should feel some motion, if all the molecules etc are always moving. And how is the light from a dead star still powerful enough to travel millions of light years to reach us? And when we are looking at the light of a dead star and it…goes out, that is, the light stops reaching us, what happens? Is it gradual, or is it there one night and gone the next?


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