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oh gravity...

For some time in high school, I was convinced I was going to pursue a career in cosmology. The study of the cosmos. What could get more interesting than exploring the universe, space far beyond what humans have explored thus far, discovering new worlds... exploring the concept of dark energy and matter?

(But the intense mathematics that goes along with cosmology kind of scared me away from that subject. Ew math.)

I guess I just like asking questions and searching for answers (or observations) when it comes to the universe. It's crazy, isn't it? This world we live in is huge; the universe has a definate "end," but it's still expanding. AND it's expansion is accelerating. For no apparent reason. Other than some kind of "negative gravity." NEGATIVE GRAVITY. Doesn't that just boggle your mind? Which way is up anymore, anyway, if we're just kind of a speck floating in this great empty space?

So while I found the small scale interesting, (bacteria, viruses, atoms, quarks!), I think pushing farther into the universe and observing it's intricacies will help us to better understand "life" as a whole. Life seems so big here, around ourselves, on Earth. But the universe has a lot of empty space, a lot of room without anything in it. I want to fill in the blanks.


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