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I am satisfied with our

I am satisfied with our exploration of small scales. We kept going smaller and smaller until we got to the building blocks of life (with which we were already familiar) and the building blocks of these building blocks and so on and so forth. I wonder a little about what makes up the quarks and wut makes up that and so on and so on, however I have accepted the ambiguity of the question and will wait for new observations to be made that offer possible solutions to this problem on the smaller scale.

The larger scale on the other hand is completely mind boggling. The only thing harder to imagine than an infinite universe is a limited universe. But either way the size of the universe as we know it is still startling. I dont necessarily believe in "aliens" but upon seeing with my own eyes the scale of space, I feel ignorant for ever believing that Earth could have some sort of monopoly on life. There are hundreds of thousands of other places in "space" that may or may not have life, and it is quite possible that we may never find them all.


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