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Don't agree completely, but don't disagree completely

- So, I can't say that I really wholeheartedly agree with this guy. I think he's a little over-reaching for his conclusions- I mean, does every fairy tale really speak to the innerdepths of every child's heart? (as Hannah said, I hope not!)

+ On the other hand, he does have some good points about what a child identifies with and how these stories allow kids to identify with the world and themselves.

- The psychoanalysis, plus the oedipal relations he tries to insert into these 'fairy stories' seem, well, imagined at the very least and forced at best. I don't really think there's a good reason to analyze these stories to that extent.

+ He does, however, present a really interesting point of view and I like that he interprets these fairy tales through the eyes of a child (@ least he tries to;-))



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