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to agree or not to agree..

I have found in Bettelheim an undeniable truth. I was constantly reminded of how my own upbringing and how complicated my life was. My father will always diminish my anxieties saying that children don't have problems, making me feel worst that before.

I also remember wanting to be like some of the characters in the fairy tales, while giving me hope for a better tomorrow. I agree with Bettelheim when we tells that children are much more complex than adults believe or want to believe. I still remember how complicated was my childhood, therefore I have never underestimated a child. 

At the same time I believe fairy tales are a great learning resource, there is a downside, the child might opt for take a literal understanding of the tale, and this might reduce the experience the fairy tale intended. Then again, it's all about giving a choice to the child, or adult for that matter.


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