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As we set foot on our

Crystal, Eri, Luisana, Caitlin McG


As we set foot on our expedition our eager young minds were attempting to grasp the notion of what is a plant. After much discussion over brandy we came to the consensus that a plant is indeed something that grows out of the very ground upon which we were traversing.

When we arrived at the destination of our scientific inquiry on the planet of nearer we began our careful observation of the plant life. We discovered 11 types of plants on this new planet. We then sorted the plants into 3 main categories according to height: Ground level, Above ground level - 2 feet, Above 2 feet.

We felt that 3 types of plants fit into the ground level category. These 3 were grass, moss on the ground, and moss on a tree. We distinguished these as 3 seperate plants based their texture, shape, color, and vertical proximity to the ground.

3 types of plants fit into the Above ground - two feet level. We distinguised these plants using height, stem witdth, growth patterns, concentration of plants, color, and location in relation to neighboring plants.

Above two feet- leaves/needles/acorns at bottom of tree, trunks' texture, branches, height, width


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