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Life as a process

Last week was kind of counfusing and maybe even annoying at some points. I think it was because the questioning of each new characteristic, concept, category, etc. that we would come up with. We are used to not giving much thought to the question of life and when we face that we just feel like thinking "life is us, that, this, anything that's alive--that's it", instead of trying to define what makes us and/or everything alive. As discussed in class, I don't think that we'll ever come up with a real set of characteristics categories to define what's alive. I rather take life as a process. I do not think that anyone could ever explain the meaning of life or what makes us alive, different people might come up with different answers. In my personal belief, only the creator of life can answer for sure these questions--just as any master has a purpose for what he makes, he can only explain why that was made-- other explanations, for me, are rather taken as stories. And the stages, or forms, or reasons of being alive are just part of the process of the whole purpose of each individual.


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