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In class this week, we tried to explain what life is. Although I have many questions I think I agree with this way of thinking about life. In primary schools, we are taught that life are classified between animals and plants with different branches within them. Categorizing living things as:

  • bounded (by skin,hair etc),
  • being energy dependent (to move, work, grow, maintain etc),
  • having an improbable assembly,
  • semi-homeostatic,
  • semi-autonomous and
  • reproduces with variation;

allows us to think of the possibility that there may be life elsewhere.

I think this list is an excellent list for us to continue our disscussions in class but it may/can change in the future. The idea that science is not the Truth, allows us to believe that we ourselves are truly scientists. Everywhere we go, the places we travel, our relatives' heritage; allows us to have a broad range of observations to create our own stories.


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