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waking up during sleep walking

I have slept walked occasionally when I was younger (but never awoke during them) and went through a stage of having lots of night terrors. Also when I was ill or had fevers I would be half aware of hallucinating. I have always had vivid horrid nightmare all my life. recently I had the most horrendous nightmare and the feelings were so strong and I felt I was being pushed around and thrown onto my bed etc. I eventually woke up and felt soo scared and could not get back to sleep for hours I was even scared to get out of my bed to put music on, I felt someone might get me. considering nightmares are usual for me and I can 90% of the time go back to sleep shortly after them this was out of this world bad!

Then last night I remember having a vivid nightmare and trying to escape from somewhere unrecognisable. next thing I know I am waking up as I am pressed against my wall and my hand reaching and opening for my bedroom door. I remember in my dream standing on something and hearing a noise (this was a folder and cosmetic bag on my floor I had stood on I realised upon waking) and feeling the coldness of my wall and turned off heater against my body. My duvet and blanket were all off my bed and I was standing on it. I was drenched in sweat. I was very scared, disorientated and confused, as I (for the last few seconds anyway)believe I had my eyes open as I could see the light coming through the slit of the door but it was as if the dream was superimposed on top of my real bedroom (or something like that its hard to describe) and I was in a different place.

It took me a good while to calm down and I nearly had a panic attack as I was so surprised and scared at waking up out of bed and because of the dream. I initially wondered if I had been drugged in my confused state (which lasted a few mins) but that is not a possibility as I live alone. I have been stressed and had an interview today but have had many stressful/sleepless times in my life and this has not happened! I had not been drinking or taking drugs and I am a 29 year old (right handed) female. I generally feel tired on waking and always need lots of sleep, but most mornings when my alarm goes off I find it hard to know if I have been asleep or really lightly sleeping or thinking when it goes off! so possible I could be doing this more? I have read most of the posts but not notice many people with similar experiences. I really hope neither happens again. except the only good thing is I woke up at midnight and when I eventually got back to sleep I slept until my alarm went off at 6.30 for the first time in as long as I can remember!

I do receive counselling for traumatic experiences from childhood but have been on and off in my life and do tend to deal with problems and not suppress them.


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