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Telling Stories in order to Revise Them = Theory?

Great question, Barbara! I hear the possible tension, but actually? when I co-teach the college seminar (a course designed for first-semester freshman) it's all about telling stories in order to revise them. It's a class full of skepticism, full of questioning, so actually it would work as a great lead-up to the students' taking critical feminist studies in the years after...

See /exchange/courses/csem/f07
for more details on "Storytelling as Inquiry: Questions, Intuitions, Revisions..."

Your other comparison -- between "reading fiction" and "theoretical approaches" -- is also one we'll be exploring in Critical Feminist Studies. The first 1/2 of the course we'll be reading contemporary theory. In the second, we'll shift into fictional representations of women's lives and questions. So all the students in the class will get to figure out which form works better, for them, in addressing the questions that concern us all.

Thanks for your interest in these things, and for asking me to clarify the relationship between my different courses, and the different parts of this particular course--



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