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The Brain & Its Functions

I found Ray Enright's comments very interesting and somewhat intriguing; however, I have only one meaningful opinion: I think exercising the brain is very important. I believe that young people's brains are exercised on a daily basis because they are exposed to so many new things. Moreover I have read that as young men and women enter into their twenties certain areas of their brains become less active because they have either taken a specific job or are studying a selected field that will lead to their lifetime jobs. I don't know if that is true, but to me it seems logical to me.
My own experience is that I had a stroke at the ate of 70. I am now 73 and 1/2. The stroke destroyed 40% of the cells on left side of my brain, including much of the left side of my cerebellum.The stroke had a number of effects on my brain and spine. My major problems are lack of balance and a pinched nerve between my 4th and 5th vertebrae. I rehabbed at the University of Maryland' Kernan Rehabilitation Center, Stroke Ward. Kernan Hospital is a wonderful place. I was witness to things that were planned by brilliant doctors an executed by amazing therapists and nurses. Just before I was released from Kernan a wonderful speech therapist recommended that I go online and sign up for Lumosity, said to be a large set of "brain games." I would describe those so-called brain games more as brain exercises. They have helped me tremendously. There are a number of categories and a lot exercises in each category. The system stores and analysis all of your completed exercises and suggests your Lumosity Performance Index (LPI) by age group. Mine is now 89th percentile for the 70-74 age group, whatever that means. I think it means a lot, mainly that I have exercised a lot and improved quite a bit. I really never had much trouble with speech (as I hope you have wife says it's over developed). It has improved my eyesight, especially my lazy right eye, and my digital dexterity particular in typing. it also calms me and provides a sense that I am still mentality vital, which is not bad for $4.95 a month.
I don't know whether the answer to Ray Engel's question is yes or no; either way, I strongly recommend Lumosity. Well, it couldn't hurt.


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