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Final Presentation

As our group sat down to think about our final presentation, we decided that we wanted to look at some of the big themes and ideas that we had discussed throughout the semester.  We decided that we thought it would be interesting to place these terms into a venn diagram.  When we first started to sort out the words we figured that there would be some that would go in the middle, but that there would also be some that very clearly applied only to literature or science.  As we started to talk more, however, it became more and more clear that every term was going to go in the middle.  I think that this really summed up our class for me because it traced my own journey through the class.  I came into the semester thinking that there would be some overlap, but also a lot of boundaries, and by the end of the semester all of those boundaries had been taken away.  The class also responded how we expected them to, which was how we originally started out.  I think that had the class had more time to think about each theme (as we did) they would have also come to a similar conclusion.  Overall I think that our presentation went well, and really gave a good overarching look at what we learned in the class.


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