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Final Presentation: Our Story

Throughout the course of the semester we discussed many things that questioned many themes that seemed to have been established.  What is foundational and what isn’t foundational?  This was a big picture issue that we dealt with throughout the semester.  The development of stories and how they keep on changing. 


It all seemed so much that we did not know where to begin with this project.  Therefore, we decided to look at everything we had touched upon and use the tools we had gathered from it to create our own story.  We did a personal exploration as to what we had learned and obtained from this course.  I, personally, obtained fresh eyes.  Now I try to look at everything from every possible angle in order to understand it. 


This is why we decided to create our own Story of Evolution.  We began with the primary organisms that are now extinct and sort of spread out from there.  Throughout the course of the evolutionary story there are parallels.  There are two sides of the story: what actually happened and an alternative story.


The shape of the evolutionary ‘tree’ is quite different to the ones we had seen in class.  We chose a spiraling vortex shaped ‘tree’ to represent our story of evolution.  This was because we didn’t believe any story was entirely foundational; therefore, we created a spiral in which you cannot see where it begins so as to represent the non-foundational aspect of the tree.  The main point of our tree is to represent the ‘What if?’ scenario and see how different things would have been if something else had happened. 


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