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Life is touching

Ultimate pragmatism (Paul's walking with Rorty) indeed does away with objective truth, even though this was the underestimated Popper's cherished concept, that he seperately described from subjective truth. Consider what this means for learning. Why would you still want to learn anything, when it is all subjective, or objective but 'non-foundational'? You would continuously be excused to play internetgames for 18 hours a day. Scientific inquiry isn't all that linear, it is not at all! Compare it to someone coming home late at night and there is no light, no moon no stars, streetlanterns aren't lit and he has no flashlight. So he is wandering and wavering, meandering like a drunkard. Yet he finds his way. And when he is home and can turn on the light, he is aware that the road was straight after all or at least it now seems clear and 'linear'. And such is life as well: my old professor always told us that "all life is testing" (testing and touching are one word in Dutch).


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