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Stories and Truth in Life

As discussed in class, I agree with science being more stories than truth, and in relation to life, I think that only our pasts can have truth in them, our future or our presents are many stories in development. I love having the flexibility of figuring out my own story from what I observe rather than have something told and be forced to take it as the Truth. However, there are beliefs that take this whole idea of there being No Truth too far,-- so, is it that the Truth is that there is No Truth? Also, I could never take the idea of evolution as a Truth. Besides the fact that I do believe that only God could create something that the humanity still can't explain, I find it extremely hard to think that some unknown force made cells reproduce on their own and turn into different living creatures. It just doesn't fit in my head. I rather believe that a (spiritually) known God did it.

That's all I have for now, thanks for making this class so fun, and at the same time to challenge us on what we believe, take as truths, find out in our own... etc.



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