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I have to say, I quite like

I have to say, I quite like the idea that science is not a set of concrete set of rules and facts. "Facts" are constantly changing. Many years ago, it would not have been absurd to say that creatures spontaneously generated from rotten food. Technology that we have now could only have been described as magic way back when. It's interesting to imagine what we take as "fact" right now in 2007 may well be marked as absurd as spontaneous generation in the future. It really makes you question everyday life and your beliefs, since a single observation may disprove a "fact".

I also like the notion that there is bias in science. All through childhood, we were taught that science is "The Truth", but how can something that comes from humans be the absolute truth? It is impossible for anything to be perfect, so why should we claim that science is the perfect truth? We all have opinions and it is easy to let our partialities influence our works. Science is not as rigid and consummate as some may think. There is room for error, in fact "true" science embraces it. There is no perception that there is one "right" answer and that everything else is wrong.

Science is a story, as stories are as close to the truth as we can humanly get. We may not always tell our stories correctly or we may embellish them according to our tastes and styles. Science, itself, is the neverending, always changing story.


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