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Looking at science as a set of observatons that can never prove a conclusion right, but consistant, makes me ponder: why do we live by certian rules, laws and beliefes? I am convinced that everything is a story, and a story is made by ones observations and beliefes, so how can we live by what another believes to be the right observation?

Who am I to answer the question "what is life?" I am a humanbeing that has many observations and plenty of stories of what i think life is, personally i believe that it is struggle. It consists of struggles, which makes it struggle right? well atleast for me...from experience. Evoltution....i do not think the definition of life consists of evolution. How do they tie together? I do not know.

When i think about my stories of what i think life is, I still can not tackle the notion of what it is? Its proably a set of observations that can never be truth.....but we live it so it has to have some truths.

Why can't I answer the question with confidence, when i experience what it is every day? 

Shanika Bridges-King


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