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The class discussions have

The class discussions have brought about a new understanding and realization about science for me. The 'loopy story-telling' perspective makes so much sense especially when compared to the traditional perspective. The idea that science as a process is not linear but rather loopey is very true because you never know as to what will happen the next time the observation is tested. That is why you can never prove a summary to be true but you can prove it to be false. I never even thought to take this type of understanding into account because I have grown up with the traditional method of either you got the right answer or you got the wrong answer. This class has taught us that science should actually be looked at as a set of stories; a good scientific story motivates new questions and summarizes all previous observations. Even though a summary of observations may be proven false, it does not necessarily mean that it was a bad story, it paved the way for another story.


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