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Live Long, Die Young

Very interesting class today. What a different approach. I like it a lot-it seems like it will help with critical thinking and analyzing material, not just memorizing a textbook. A new way to think about science. Really loved the bit about observations being summary rather than truth.
I've just finished the Live Long, Die Young article (sorry I'm a bit behind maybe this isn't the place to post stuff about that?? I missed Monday's lecture...)...about to go on to the others, but thought I'd comment first. Just a few questions I had...
Why do entire populations seem to live longer than Americans? Italians for example. Their rates of smoking are higher, their cancer rates are way lower. Why is that? Are stress and over-working ourselves factors?
Why are the longevity rates so much higher for women than men? Eight years seems like a pretty big difference.
Okay so I'm about to go try and find some answers to those questions and read the other articles. If anyone has any thoughts on all this though...


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