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Uncertainty is neutral

 In preparing to finish up my portfolio for this class I was looking back through some of my most recent notes and noticed, amongst my  notes about "vacilando" a small bullet point. Paul told us that "uncertainty is neutral" and that it favors no one. I learned in this class that the answer to all of Paul's questions is "randomness," so applying that here it, an outcome as dictated by the laws of randomness is just as likely to turn out favorable as unfavorable. While we as humans have no say in which outcome it is, if you believe in either agency or fate, there is only one way out of the two that it can turn out. This reminded me of a strip from Calvin & Hobbes that I can remember reading as a child and totally agreeing with. I agree with it now, and I think it applies with this story of uncertainty being neutral- or how we wish sometimes that it wasn't. 




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