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I couldn't help but see how

I couldn't help but see how much beauty this piece of artwork's really incredible.

I guess what first hit me was that the three obvious emotions that this piece of work depicts are, undoubtedly, apart of us all. I feel like the idea that these three emotions are all represented as 'one' is even more powerful. I am still sort of figuring out my thoughts and feelings on this piece, so don't mind my collection of unorganized thoughts...

I am thinking that the order of the faces is particularly important in the development of feelings. For me, I looked directly towards the face with the mask--and perhaps this idea of looking straight on has some importance. The mask represents, to me, being stoic and strong, while the two faces on the sides represents fear and anger and saddness, perhaps--which is so real. These three emotional representations uncover the reality behind the center mask.


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