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Sojourner Truth

Looking at the image of the three feminine "faces" created a very complex reaction in me. Reading the comments about it online made my own response even more complex. I "saw" myself in all three of them, but that fact didn't elicit in me the kind of reactions I read online about them.

My own way of living my feminism is not as dramatic as the various reactions to the online image suggests, but perhaps that is because my personal experience as a female is not primarily related to "not being" something or other, and more toward what I wish and hope my life as a woman is about. My efforts are primarily oriented toward achieving as much or many of those goals as I can, in the face of oppositionon on a number of grounds - only one of them being a reaction to my femaleness as I have chosen to live it out inside and in the world. I expect this fact has been less significant to me than it seems to be to some other women who have enjoyed the same privileged status I do, judging by some of the comments.

Mary Macomber Leue '40.


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