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The picture -- welcome to the dinner party

There are 3 faces, all with their eyes closed. The middle and the right hand faces are masks. The right hand face represents the feminine self in response to the world,with a hard substance covering the eyes and circling the mouth, disguising featuresand eradicating the individual. The closed fist with palm facing out evokes a number of emotions such as anger at not being heard or seen as well as utter frustration at not having the freedom to perceive and communicate (as indicated by the eye and mouth white matter).

The stylized mask in the middle represents the public face, both presented and perceived, of the women in most cultures. It's in grayscale and decorated with what looks like some (mythical?) culture's idea of the ideal feminine. In other words, imposed cultural norms and expectations have disguised the real person beneath the mask.

On the left, sinister side, often culturally assigned to women, is the inner, private woman. She is represented weeping and depressed, the psychological obverse of her opposite's anger.

The lower part of the picture evokes the disembodied female, whose body is not real to her.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this class.

Liza '69


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