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Notes Towards Day 22 (Tues, Nov. 27): Making Silence Visible

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Segregation of Quaker men and women

* today we welcome Jen Rajchel
, of the Tri-Co Digital Humanities Initiative, and the Haverford College Quaker collection
she is building the bridge that will get us from our last section of the course, "engendering silence," to the final one, "practicing" it ("religiously")

on Thursday, sara.gladwin will structure our silence;
we have some further conversation to finish up on our discussion of Eva's Man, left over from last Tuesday;
and we will discuss two essays: George Kalamaras' "Reclaiming the Tacit Dimension," and Caroline Stephen's on "Quaker Strongholds"; also listen to the podcast about "The Last Quiet Places"....

II."Dialogue Between a Quaker and his Neighbor in Hertford, about the Murder of Mrs. Sarah Stout":
"I have read the printed account of it, which I suppose is Truth, because it is attested by the Judge"--

Tatoo Parlor: "It's hard to represent someone else's story"
there was also lots of self-silencing, in telling our own

"her organs were undefiled" --> her body "spoke"

"The thing was done in the dark, and therefore nothing is as it might seem."

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