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Reflection on our Final Performance

Michaela's picture

I was so happy tonight at the final performances--I had loved reading people's public "essay" #11, and this seemed like another outlet for expressing things that maybe are a little messier or more raw than what we've been assigned to write previously in this semester.

That being said, I definitely felt like my project was outshone by a lot of yours! I loved the creativity of playing Apples to Apples, Jeopardy, 20 Questions, and all the videos--I thought that they were so intriguing and fun, and only wished we'd had more time to explore them.

I still felt that my group's project was worthwhile--we had planned on breaking the group up, discussing what we had written down, etc. But of course, time flew, and so we were not able to follow through on that. But I thought that leaving things up to individual interpretation might be even more in the spirit of the exercise--it whets your appetite, if you're interested, in continuing our class (in both meanings of the word) disscussions, and bringing up taboo or private thoughts even if it's scary. If your thoughts were left in the bag as mine were, I'm sorry that we couldn't get to you--but maybe that can be incentive for you to make yourself heard elsewhere?

In any event, I have loved this class so much, and felt incredibly privileged to get to learn and work with all of you and to call you my friends.