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Reflection on the acess to education

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"Education plays a vital role in father’s life: on the one hand, it leads him to the life he wanted for him and let him leads him to the life he wants; but on the other hand, he completely lost his way to everything in his past life. For many people who intend to change their life by schooling, the access to education is like a one-way ship ticket, once people decide to aboard the ship, there is no chance to get back.

Far more than learning specific knowledge in the classrooms from teachers, I realized that education is actually closely related to class. Class mobility, which is considered as one of the most wonderful things that people can gain from education, is not always equals to happiness. For people who change their life by receiving education, they automatically put themselves in an awkward position, where is extremely hard to find a sense of belonging. Since they move out from their previous class, everything belongs to the class is no longer open to them; but at the same time, everything in the class they end up with is completely brand new.

The access to education, for many people, is one of the most important turning point in their life--becasue of the access, they have chances to change their fate, like my father. But I kept asking myself the question that Jody asked us: the access to education is the access to what? Is there any limit that can be brought to us? and I got my answer now: at the time people enter a new stage (class) by access to education, they cut off the connection to their past life automactically.  Sometiems this can be painful. Just as Richard Rodrequez wrote in his edcuational autobiograhy, he no loger shared the same values and interets with his family numbers---they belong to totally different class. I think it provides me a new perspective to view the term edcuation: sometimes, the result of access to education can be a disadvantage for people.