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Academic Writing

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Same with most people, I feel that academic writing obstructs the free flow of emotion. As student, I often feel stressed and nervous when I read academic essays. I keep telling myself I need to find out its thesis; otherwise it’s an unsuccessful reading experience. One thing that I really don’t like academic writing is that we have to hold a specific point and try to use our language to convince others. Even sometimes I know that the question actually have no correct answer and can be answered in many ways, I still need to write my essay pretending that only my thought is the ‘right’ one. So personally speaking I think academic writing leaves limited space for writes to develop their own explanations for questions and arguments.  

What’s more, academic wring is ‘classed’ because only certain groups of readers have the knowledge that can make them understand the content of an academic paper, others, however, have no access to it. For example, if you have never studied biology, then you may not be able to understand the point that a writer wants to make in a paper on topic of human evolution. Also, I notice that the language used by writers is always ‘standard English free of mistakes’, which is usually spoken by middle-classed white people.