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My expectation of High School visiting

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Education, access, poverty and resources… In previous weeks, we have read so many real-life stories and analytical articles about education. Meanwhile, we have concentrated on the limitations of public education recently. It would be very interesting to visit a high school since I’ve never got a chance to know high school life in the U.S. By comparing the public school in the U.S. and in China, I think it can help me to think more deeply. Our discussion on the topic of “In class/ Out class” is limited since we are literally “in class” previously on Tuesdays and Thursday. Visiting a high school could be a nice complementary experience as a part of our seminar. I am curious about students’ attitude about going to colleges as well as how their school performance affect their anticipation about going to colleges. Meanwhile, I am curious about to what extent can Friere’s or Noguera’s thoughts are applicable towards the real-life situations. It could be a nice chance to evaluate whether “Pragmatic Optimism” would function well in high schools. Finally, it would be good to keep an open mind and treat this trip as an experience of learning and teaching.