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Evaluation and Reflection So Far

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The subject of the Esem class and the class itself provided me with a very interesting perspective to see the world and education. Students came into the classroom with certainty: education is important and that’s why everybody is here inside the classroom. At least I hold the belief that education is the essential part of one’s life so that every one should try his/her best in order to get in college! However, given a chance to insight into the education, we learn a lot from the process. We start with categories and explore the spectrum from educational autobiographies, which is a really engaging way to start a deep investigation. I started to notice the differences and to be conscious of those differences: social mobility, class matter, “common sense”, access to education etc. Surprisingly, I found that I started to be a “education-sensitive” person while I think about educational problems both unconsciously and intentionally on my way back dorm or even in the dinning hall. Meanwhile, I always found that the discussion in class and all the reading materials are so informative that there is always a lot of connections to make and fruitful thoughts to illustrate in the writing process. Writing partners and weekly conferences are definitely helpful because some feedback from others. It also good to try different genres of reading. Taking a field trip would be amazing after finishing so much discussion and thinking so far. Now, I have a chance to move towards the pragmatic part for a moment.