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Reflections on My Educational Autobiography

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My autobiography focused on the education I recieved through interacting with my peers. It is true that the classroom taught me a lot, but I definitely believe that the lessons from my friends explained in my essay are just as valuable as the bookwork. The writing process was very straight forward for me as I am very passionate about my high school experience and can easily go into detail. It was a small, all-girls school with an academic structure very similar to a university. Our scheduling was more flexible than most high schools and the teachers were very accessible. The type of student at such a high school was also very different which is why I focused my autobiography on my classmates. Being surrounded by independant, brilliant young women for both middle school and high school is was made me who I am today and what pointed me towards Bryn Mawr for my college experience. As illustrated by last week's readings, it is not necessarily the textbooks that give us our primary education.