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Writing my educational autobiography was certainly more difficult than I had imagined. Plagued with the myriad of ways I could interpret education, I decided not to focus on the things I had learned in school because, as many of you will probably agree, education extends far beyond the walls of a classroom.

Much of my personal growth and education involved learning about myself and gaining a sense of independence and adulthood. By living in different cities throughout my life and eventually moving out of my parents house during my senior year, I began to understand the responsibilities associated with growing up, and I learned to appreciate the small community of which I grew up in contrast with the vibrant city I had integrated myself into.

Now after writing about this education experience, I have begun to wonder if this direction was in fact the best direction to go into. Was gaining independence and insight into adulthood my greatest educational experience? While my year of navigating through life without the influence of my parents was certainly fun and interesting, it wasn't necessarily difficult. Because life and society and never static, adaptation to new environments and cultures is more or less a means of survival; and my adaptation to my life alone was just that. I had grown up and discovered adulthood because by living alone, I had no other choice. This thought left me disheartened as I hit the send button at 4:55 pm.

As I revise my paper, I hope to take its content into a new direction and think more deeply about the educational experiences in my life that have truly enlightened me.