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BSIE 2010: Session 1 Observations

Paul Grobstein's picture

Brain, Science, and Inquiry-Based Education
K-12 Summer Institute 2010



  Session 1


Unreflective thoughts on ...

Education Schools Students
teacher, student, learn
nurturing, growing, learning
smarts, students, challenging
learn, help, people
kids, teaching, stress
learning, teaching, modeling
people, love, concern
necessary, informal, fascinating
discipline, life-long, job
lack-of, owl, apple
green, school, learning
schools, teachers, learners
learning, teaching, perspectives
children, learning, responding
loud, classroom, subject
playground, administrator, communities
dilapidated, computer-less, funds constraint
house, work, student
public, private, crowded
community, education, love
facility, halls, cold
building, society, different
buses, yellow, apple
utilitarian, books
building, pencils, desks
building, blocks, books
children, teachers, learningl
listening, disruptive, diapers
learning, sharing, playing
able, wanting, needy
old, young, impressionable
friends, learning, homework
smiles, trouble, sad
needy, diverse, population
"children under my care"
shirt and tie, slumped in chair
children, adults, teachers
receptive, kids, mine
pupils, children, learning
people, dumb, house
kids, notebooks, BMC women


Inquiry Conversation
people, Earth, life
knowledge, understanding, inquiring
stop, go, ??
Jack Marine, dead, roach
difficult, tedious, life
tough, explore, experience
fun, interesting, change
intriguing, lifetime, rigorous
life, fun, all around us
Marie Curie, skeleton, atomic orbitals
animals, evolution, reality
world, environment, fun
learning, difficult, worms
beaker, Bill Nye, bunsen burner
discovering, knowledge, hands-on
science, understanding, knowledge
knowledge, seeking, research-computers
question, answer, HELP!
question, thought, answer
learning experience, thinking, questions
fun, learn, different
questioning, engaging, forever
science-based, learning, hands-on
Sherlock Holmes, magnifying glass
question, explore, adventure
learning-based, hands-on
ask, listen, think
science, spiderweb, Sherlock

open-ended, voice, learning
dialogue, discussion, debate
fun, people, open/vulnerable
talk, people, debate
long, complex, essential
long, listening, dialogue
dialogue, exchange, social
diverse, pleasant, two
avoid, difficult, embarassing
loud voices, differing opinions, coffeeshop
communicate, message, meaning
context, people, persuasion
talk, speak, listen
talk, coffee, couch



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