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Brie Stark's picture

Hello!  My name is Brielle Stark and I'm a rising sophomore at Bryn Mawr College.  I hope to major in psychology, minor in biology and concentrate in neural and behavioral science.  I have aspirations of studying the behavioral impact of traumatic brain injury and seizures on the brain as well as studying the diverse behavioral affects of developmental disorders in regard to the usage and structure of the brain.  I have worked with individuals with disabilities for roughly eight years now, and hope to continue this relationship in my career.

I am looking forward to the discussions that result from the summer institute topics.  As a person enthralled by behavior, I really enjoy hearing many views of one topic and how interpretations may vary.  I hope to take detailed notes of each seminar and be able to document the growth of ideas over time and the occurrence of new ideas.  I am also hoping to create or supplement a section here on Serendip dedicated to traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders and developmental disorders with an emphasis on provoking ideas by usage of interesting articles and examples.  I want to give many facets of one idea/topic so that the people who come upon the page can choose to interpret/take away whatever they wish, given an assortment of information.

I'm also excited about forming my own new ideas and learning more about behavior and science in relation to education.  As a person whose parents have both become educators as second careers, I know a bit about the topic but would love to know more, especially in relation to the brain.