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Brain, Science, and Inquiry Based Education 2010: Reflective Learning Assignment

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Brain, Science, and Inquiry-Based Education
K-12 Summer Institute 2010



  Reflective Learning Assignment

You should spend at least a half-hour a day enhancing your skills at sudoku, using the on-line version available here, and maintaining a journal (see below) that records your daily progress as well as related feelings and developing understandings both about the game itself and your experiences with learning to deal with it more effectively.  The objective is not only to give you experiences as a student but also experiences with the relationships among unconscious, conscious, and interpersonal learning processes. 

You should start at the "easy" level, moving on to more difficult levels only if and when you are able to consistently perform at better than the 50th percentile at whatever level you are working on. 


From Paul's Sudoku journal

27 May got frustrated  
  9 min 33 sec  66% getting discouraged when don't see something quickly, must be patterns my unconscious is missing, trying to hard to make it work a particular way?, maybe requires not relying on any single strategy? 
  frustrated  see pattern of things checked and then lose it
30 May messed up  
  messed up  
  8 min 19 sec 56%  
  messed up  
31 May 7 min 10 sec 45% had been fairly consistently in this range (after several years or work) before starting recording, performance anxiety? 
  7 min 39 sec 50%  
  7 min 34 sec 49%  
  messed up pushing for speed?

8 min 32 sec 58%



6 June 8 min 56 sec 61%  
  9 min 23 sec  65%  
  8 min 55 sec 61% what's the problem?  unconscious trying to find something new?
  messed up yep, missing things because looking for subtleties
  8 min 24 sec 57% Keep it SIMPLE, find the obvious
  10 min 1 sec 69%  
  6 min 50 sec 41% Yeah, keep it simple.  And remember that each time you add something things that you looked at before without finding something simple will have changed. 
  7 min 29 sec 48% Enough for today, but think I'm on to something. 


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