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Feminism and Pornography

The final paper! In this paper I explored if feminism and pornography are compatible.
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Rethinking the Haverford College Chemistry Department: Curriculum and Teaching Methods

This paper is an exploration of changing the Haverford chemistry reuqirements for a major form a feminist perspective. It is an experiment!
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Orthodox Judaism and Feminism

My paper is about feminism in the Jewish orthodox community. I posted it as a PDF because I have explanatory footnotes that I wanted included with the paper.
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One Sex, Two Sex...More?

My thoughts on sex and gender have been shifting throughout this course. When Paul Grobstein came to speak, I entered and left the classroom with the deep-set belief that there are two sexes, and two only. After thinking about it further, I’ve pondered about this idea, toying with the notion that perhaps there can be more than two sexes. Already I agree with the theory that gender is social and not always dependent on sex. Transgendered individuals struggle so much to switch genders that there must be some internal force pushing them to a gender different from their sex. No one would go through the ordeal of transitioning if there was no strong drive to do so, and therefore I must view sex and gender as occasionally independent.
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