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self portraits

Representations of Me

I had tremendous difficulty with this assignment: To sketch 4-6 representations of self. My self. And it was much harder than I had anticipated. I was challenged by my lack of artistic skills and my inability to think of how to represent myself on paper.

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Feminist art and the self-portrait

Lydia Vasko

Critical Feminist Studies

A. Dalke


Project Update

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Critical Feminist Studies Web Paper 2

Project Proposal

            In my research project for the rest of the semester I am interested in exploring female and feminist art. I began this project by asking myself a series of questions that I wanted to explore both in my research and in my own artistic work. What makes a work of art feminist rather than female? Can a feminist work of art be produced by a man? Why are there not more women in the traditional cannon? If a work is done by a woman, does it make the work innately feminine in some way?

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What am I thinking?

Where are my thoughts? To be honest, my thoughts are telling me that I dislike this assignment because it is actually requiring me to think, hard, rather than just regurgitating information, quotes, or an analysis of the reading. My thoughts are that I would rather be studying for the LSATs, which I take on Saturday, instead of sharing my thoughts with the world.

But since I must, because I have not, yet, disconnected myself from the hierarchical patriarchy of logos that is academia, I will write and we shall see what my body puts forth in an attempt to brighten my dark continent.

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